5th International Workshop on

Constraints in Software Testing Verification and Analysis

March 22nd, 2013 - Luxembourg
Co-located with the 6th int. conf. on Software Testing, Verification and Validation


9h15-10h30: Keynote speaker

  • Sarfraz Kurshid - Systematic Software Testing Using Logical Constraints (see keynote)

10h30-11h: Coffee break

11h-12h30: Session 1

  • Random Grammar-based Testing for Covering All Non-Terminals
    A. Dreyfus, P.-C. Heam and O. Kouchnarenko
  • A stack model for symbolic buffer overflow exploitability analysis
    G. Grieco, L. Mounier, M.-L. Potet and S. Rawat
  • A Constraint Solver for PHP Arrays
    I. Enderlin, A. Giorgetti and F. Bouquet

12h30-13h45: Lunch

13h45-15h15: Session 2

  • Strategies Comparison of Test Generation from UML using SMT solver
    J. Cantenot, F. Ambert and F. Bouquet
  • A Late Treatment of C Precondition in Dynamic Symbolic Execution
    M. Delahaye and N. Kosmatov
  • SOA grey box testing - a constraint-based approach
    S. Jehan, I. Pill and F. Wotawa

15h15-15h45: Coffee break

15h45-16h45: Session 3

  • Rank: a tool to check program termination and computational complexity
    C. Alias, A. Darte, P. Feautrier and L. Gonnord
  • Test Generation for Robotized Paint Software Systems using Constraint Programming in a Continuous Integration Environment
    M. Mossige, A. Gotlieb, H. Meling

16h45: announcements and closing